Clustering Search Volumes With KMeans

So I’m sure you’re totally interested in what I do at work BUT this is a cute, pretty and clever… I think!

So the notebook is here on my github but here are some of the highlights that I’m really happy with.

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Comparing Corpora using Frequency Profiling – Rayson & Garside

If you want to learn how to do a technique then it might be an idea to check the source of the technique in the first place. Whilst Rayson and Garside didn’t invent the technique, they perfected it! In the last post I explained how I implemented their work, this post is all about the ins and outs of their paper that has been cited a huge 492 times!

Rayson, P., & Garside, R. (2000, October). Comparing corpora using frequency profiling. In Proceedings of the workshop on Comparing Corpora(pp. 1-6). Association for Computational Linguistics.

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