Is pedophillia a sexual orientation – Seto

In this paper, Seto proposes that pedophilia, that is currently thought of as a conscious choice, is actually closer in it’s patterns to a sexual orientation. He acknowledges that this is a pretty out there. With convincing comparisons with regards to the onset, the romantic behaviour and the stability of pedophilia, Seto is able to build a case that challenges current ways of thinking but leaves some ethical questions in the mouth.

Why am I covering it? Because as Seto mentions early in the paper, pedophilia is predominantly a masculine infliction.

Seto, Michael C. “Is pedophilia a sexual orientation?.” Archives of sexual behavior 41, no. 1 (2012): 231-236.

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A Study of the Otaku – Niu, Chaing & Tsai

What makes an Otaku tick, what are their aims and their core values? This is the question that Nio, Chaing and Tsai are aiming to ask in this paper. They answer it through a comprehensive research methodology with the aim of creating recommendations for marketing to Otaku in the future. Not only do they achieve this aim but they also make some interesting conclusions on the use of computers in youth society and the position of a subculture as a culturally subversive construction.

Niu, H. J., Chiang, Y. S., & Tsai, H. T. (2012). An exploratory study of the otaku adolescent consumer. Psychology & Marketing, 29(10), 712-725.

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